I am a Melbourne based street photographer who specialises in black and white photography. Born in Paris, my passion for exploring the fascinating intricacy of street life started well before I had my first camera in hand. After travelling the world for the last decade and living in many cities around the globe (London, Montreal, Hanover and Sofia, to name a few), I decided to settle in Australia, where my wife was born. I now live in Melbourne with Stephanie and our young son, Gabriel, where I enjoy exploring all the nooks and crannies of this wonder-filled city, Leica in hand.


Streets of Bemi is the result of my life-long passion for the quiet beauty of day-to-day urban life. I offer a range of the highest-quality fine art giclee prints, both in limited and open editions, for you to carry home a piece of my journey. New photographs will be added to the website regularly, so don't hesitate to come back from time to time. If you would like to buy a photo in the gallery that is not available in the shop, just give me a shout via the CONTACT page, and I will gladly make it happen. Each photograph is printed on demand and I carefully inspect and sign each one, personally making sure that the artwork you are buying is of impeccable quality. I deliver worldwide and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

David Bemi


How old are you? I am 36 years old.

​Who are your influences? Henri Cartier-Bresson, Jim Marshall, Robert Frank, Elliot Erwitt, Robert Doisneau, Alan Schaller and Daido Moriyama, just to name a few.

​Do you also produce colour work? Not at the moment. I enjoy colour in other photographers’ work, but I find it a distraction in my own storytelling.

What camera/lens do you use? I have tried quite a few over the years, but these days I shoot digital on a Leica M Typ 262, and film on a Leica M3. I use a 35mm lens for the vast majority of my work but I like shooting 50mm on the M3 and 90mm (on either) for close up street portraiture.

​Do you shoot only street photography? Yes...and no. At its core, my work and passion lies in the observation of urban life and  street photography is the genre that resonates with me the most. I do shoot portraits occasionally and dabble with other types of photography, but at the end of the day it's secondary to my main body of work.

Is photography your first career?  The third actually! I worked for a few years in a comic book store which specialised in rare and collectable editions, where I learned a lot about paper preservation. But I realised I didn't want to just sell and preserve art, eventually deciding to create some of my own.  I have also pursued a career in VFX for over ten years now, where I have worked mainly on films (recently "Ford v Ferrari", "Captain Marvel", "Alien: Covenant", and many more).  But now photography has become such an essential part of my life that I decided to make more room for it, starting Streets of Bemi.